Beating Cyber-Crime: Scammers and Hackers.

Beating Cyber-Crime: Scammers and Hackers

Once Bitten Twice Shy:

Let me tell you experience is the very best teacher but it can be a very expensive teacher too.

If only someone had warned me of the tactics scammers and hackers will use to con us into playing their highly sophisticated games with them.

I have found some ways to combat the annoying phone calls but I was not prepared for the one which followed an email telling me they were technical experts from our Telco who needed to fix some issues that were showing up on our internet service.

Yes, we were having issues and they seem to be getting worse by the day, so obviously I believed them.

Just to make sure I asked for their names and work identity  numbers and I recorded these.

They proceeded to show me all the errors on the computer via a program called Team View and then while they had some scanning process operating they managed to change the passwords on each of our devices .

We were locked out! They had totally hacked our computers and my phone, changed the passwords and locked us out.

Now it was panic stations. I started to get very angry and feared what they were doing.

My fears were not unfounded. As soon as my husband came in I asked him to ring the bank to check and make sure our accounts were OK.

They were not. A large sum of money, had been transferred to an overseas account. The bank immediately put a stop on our account so that no transactions could be made. .

I rang the local police but they did not want to know about it, saying they do not have the technology to deal with this kind of theft. .

I then informed online fraud agencies but so far I have not heard anything. It’s as if nobody cares. Yet if these crooks have done this to us they will be doing it to many others too. They need to be stopped. .

These People are no more than Low Lying Thieves.

It is my belief that the issues we were having with errors on our computers had been deliberately put there by these same thieves who then rang offering to fix the errors. .

However, they are also extremely clever and able to use sophisticated means to break into private domains to help themselves to all they can find.

We felt gutted, and violated and very angry. How does one beat this kind of very clever criminal mind.?

Our only hope is that the bank will be able to trace the transactions and these thieves can be brought to justice and face the heavy hand of the law. Unfortunately the law does not seem to be interested in combating this kind of criminal who is taking tens of thousands of dollars from each of a number of victims. They will chase after the sharks who take big bites each amounting to millions of dollars. These little bites will very quickly add up to the millions as they take some from our account and some from yours and some from countless other unsuspecting people.

I was able to call in a technician to work on my computer to reboot the system. I had made a back up of my system on an external drive so I was able to recover everything except my pride and my bank balance.

Types of Cyber Crime

Cyber crime affects all of us in various ways. We need to be well equipped and aware to stand a chance against it.

  • Identity Theft
  • Online Bullying
  • Attacks on Computers Internal Systems
  • Theft of Data
  • Spam and Phishing
  • Fraud and Stealing via online Banking
  • Sexual or Explicit Content  being placed on computers.
  • Grooming children for sexual abuse.

We Need to be Well Informed

As soon as I was able to get our computers fixed, having paid someone to come in and do that, I started to research cyber -crime online.  I was blown away by the extent of it and what a huge cost it is to society.

That is why I have included two very informative videos here so that you can also be aware. One of these was produced in 2016 and we know that they have been able to perfect their craft a great deal since then.

Video 1.


Video 2.


I was the weak link in all of this because I was conned by their smooth talk and what seemed like a genuine desire to help us correct errors in our computers. That is why I am writing this because there are no programs that can really beat these guys. They are masters of their craft and will continue to hack into peoples devices and help themselves to all they can get their hands on.

My strategies in hindsight are:

I will not be caught again!

  1. Check with your telco to see if they did in fact appoint someone to work on your computer.
  2. If they did take down their names and work identity numbers. If they did not then deny them access.
  3. Spread your savings so that they do not all appear in one account.
  4. Ensure you have the latest in virus and fraud protection on your devices.
  5. Consider getting insurance against cyber crime.
  6. Be alert at all times, do not be conned by smooth talk.
  7. Keep all your passwords up to date and safe.
  8. Keep all your data backed up to an external drive.
  9.  Stay safe and be aware.


If you have experienced any form of Cyber crime I would love to hear your story. If not and if you found something useful in this post then please leave me some feedback. I would really appreciate hearing from you and learn how you are combatting  cyber-crime.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. Please leave your comments below.



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    • Tim Bennett
    • November 1, 2018

    I came across your post as a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

    First I am really sorry to hear you were not only attacked this way, but also lost money.

    I am shocked to hear that the police will not investigate. This seems like something they very much should. i recommend pushing them at a higher level if possible.

    Thank you also for taking the time to tell us about this case.

    It is amazing how clever the hackers and thief’s can be. They are indeed creative.

    I hope you can get some resolve on this and if you do, please let us know at the post.

    Wishing you well.


      • admin
      • November 1, 2018

      Thank you for your feed back Tim. It was a horrible experience which I would not wish on anyone and you can be sure it will not happen to me again either.

      Some 25 years ago we had $30000 stolen via a painter who copied my husbands signature and he wrote cheques to himself then went on a spending spree.  The bank repaid most of that because they did not check the signatures but the police told us then that they do not go after less than $200000. once they go interstate.  They said it cost them more than it is worth.  I think these criminals know exactly how much they can get away with. 

    • Cath Anon
    • November 1, 2018

    Excellent cautionary post.  More of this need to circulate the web so that the average person is reminded to take all of the precautions you’re mentioning.  

    It’s amazing that despite knowing how careful we should be, we forget and still follow unsafe practices.  Coming across posts like yours is heartening to see.  It goes a long way towards keeping us on our toes and alert to potentially costly oversights.

      • admin
      • November 1, 2018

      Thank you for reading my post Cath, It was a very expensive lesson for us so I figured I should share it to spare others the same sort of expense.

    • Juliet
    • November 1, 2018

    I have gone through the expensive experience of scammers. My daughter was working on her laptop and she was told to call a number to protect her computer. It turned out to be a scam but I had parted with some chunk of money. Thanks for the the advice in this post. Very helpful!

      • admin
      • November 1, 2018

      Thank you for your comment Juliet. It cost us a large amount and I am so hoping these guys get caught. 

      I am sorry you have lost money too, but it seems to happen more often than we care to acknowledge.

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