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Open up a site within Wealthy Affiliate.

If you do not have a membership with Wealthy affiliate you can sign up here and start right away. ‘The training and support within WA is second to none. It is easy to follow and you have all the resources you need inside the platform. You can use a fee site to begin with but I highly recommend buying a premium membership to get all the benefits which are included.

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Get yourself a catchy domain name to give your site. I am going to be building a brand new blog site alongside this post so you will be able to follow along. My site will be called From the Valley to the Mountain. It will deal with depression or difficult situations and overcoming them.

Now Back to You

1:Once you have created your blog site and domain name within Wealthy Affiliate you are ready to begin growing your site into a vibrant and meaningful place for people to visit. Your domain name will be influenced by the niche you choose. For instance if you want to build a gardening blog you might go for something like

I have chosen to work on depression and other obstacles to life because I have 2 children who suffer from deep depression which affects the entire family.

2: Try to set aside regular time every day to work on writing captivating content. That will have your visitors wanting to come back for more. When you decide on your topic you also need to decide who your audience will be Who are you writing for?

With my topic it will be for families of people suffering depression and the sufferers themselves. If you choose gardening as your niche then you will target people who are also interested in gardening.

Your content needs to be valuable to your chosen audience, to meet a need they have which you are informed enough to write about and share. High quality content will generate high quality visitors who will not only read your blog but they will also share it with others.

I have heard it said that it should be all meat and no veggies. Some people might like that but I think that would be boring. You need to add some color and variety even a little humor to your site to enrich the meat.

You can outsource content using sites like where you can pay others to research and write content for you or if you feel competent enough do your own research and write your own content.

3 To grow a strong following you will need a hook for your visitors to encourage them to leave you their email address. There are lots of ways of doing this, here are a few.

  • You can promote a snippet of your content on social media then offer people free access just for leaving their email address.
  • You could run a quiz offering a bonus to those who enter and leave their email address.
  • Build on the contacts you already have and ask them to share for you by giving them a link to post to a competition with a prize which would entice people to respond.
  • Create an E book with your content or source one from somewhere else which fits your niche and offer it in exchange for singing up.
  • Share links to appropriate videos from YouTube which will add value to your visitors after they leave you their email address.
  • You might be more creative and think of many other ways to do this but you do need to grow your readership so that each time you create new content you can share it with your email list.

4. Once you have a list of subscribers you need to communicate with them in an open and friendly manner to build up a relationship with them that will develop over time in trust and rapport. You will become an authority they will trust and seek out when they have need They will also be proud to share you with their friends when they experience similar needs.

5 Use your blog site to sell and promote products which complement your niche or topic. This will be a way of monetizing your site and earning some money from it. This is not going to happen overnight, you need to work on your site, grow it and build it with valuable content and then when people really start to notice you things will start to happen.

Lets Look a Little Deeper into Key Elements of your Blog.

Content is King:

Relevant engaging content is the essential key to effective engaging blog articles

Once you have determined your target audience you will need to ensure every article you write is relevant and highly informative for them. It is this very engaging content which will continue to drive visitors to your site and see you acknowledged as a trusted authority in your niche. Never drop your guard in this key area of quality content.

If you are confident that you have valuable content then it might be a good idea to also add a plug in which will convert your content into a PDF format so that your readers can keep a copy of it in a file for later reference. eg.

For further information on content creation go to 10 ips for Successful Blogging

Take Care of your Subscribers:

Remember I mentioned earlier that you need to build a relationship with them. Relationships need to be worked on. They don’t just happen. You need to be actively communicating with and maintaining that relationship as you would a close friend.

Incorporate an opt in form to your website which those visitors who really value and appreciate your content will want to sign up to.

Follow up with them with a welcome message and thank you, then commit to keep them informed of updates and new content. This can be automated so that it does not become too arduous for you. You cannot hope to be responding individually to every subscriber but there are many tools available to do this for you. Such as to get the initial contact then use an auto responder such as Get Response or AWeber to do the follow up which you can program to communicate according to different criteria or time slots.

The money is in the list is a phrase you may have heard many times. For this reason you need to work hard on building your list. If you set it up on auto pilot you will still need to take time to ensure the messages those visitors are receiving are answering their needs. . Give them value and keep it personable.

Everybody Wants to be Rewarded for their Effort

You can make money from your blog by featuring other products either physical or digital on your site which your audience might be interested in. You can act as an affiliate where you get a percentage of the cost of the product if someone buys it via your link. Choose high end affiliate products which will return you a better share of the pie. They will also ensure you have a market of people who are comfortable paying a higher price for a valued product. Do not scam or inundate your readers with advertising but instead be purposeful and subtle.

The other option is to allow Google to place ads on your site however these can often be too random and only serve to turn people away. Limit it to just one Google ad per post.

Where to find affiliate marketing opportunities.

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