How to Start a Small Business  Online

How to Start a Small Business  Online

Its a challenging world out there and everyone is trying to make it big on the internet. The competition is stiff and the strategies to reach them seem more and more elusive. We can spend hours, days weeks even months trying to find a way on our own but it would be so much easier to learn from those who have already achieved a high level of success..

They say there are many ways to kill a cat. I do not want to kill a cat but you get what I mean. There are many different ways to reach your market.. Many roads lead to Rome is another such cliche.

Wealthy Affiliiate is the absolute best place to start out and build your business with wonderful training and  very affordable membership. Anyone can build the foundation of an online business through WA..The teaching is so easy to follow and there is a wonderfully supportive community who are all willing to help when you need it.  That is why I recommend staring your online presence with WA, you simply cannot go wrong. If you want to know how to start a small business online you cannot go past the teaching available at Wealthy Affiliate.

As with any business be it online or built with bricks and mortar, you will need other businesses to assist with various aspects to grow your field of influence and to get supporting features.. For instance when I was running an accommodation facility I needed to rely on and engage many other business partners. I used online booking agencies to handle the bookings, and bulk suppliers of food and other requisites to keep us running smoothly.

Likewise with an online business you need qualified support of others to lift and grow your business.

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 Suggestions for  Boosting and Growing your Online Biz.Marketing your online Business

  1. Learn from the experts:  MLSP are running an Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit and have engaged a line up of experts to share their secrets with you. Get on board today, this summit will start in on the 6th December. This is a not to be missed opportunity for anyone wanting to grow their online presence and build a profitable business.  It is free to register so don’t let this great opportunity pass you by. There is a line up of 40 speakers all willing to share their knowledge with you. Do not miss this amazing event if you are serious about your business.  Click the link below to register now for free. 

Attraction Marketing Summit

An extra bonus with this one is that there are $20,000 in CASH & PRIZES – MLSP AFFILIATE CONTEST UNDERWAY: So sign up as an Affiliate and take advantage of this amazing offer.

Nothing ventured nothing gained .You have absolutely nothing to lose, This is your chance to make some real money on line. If you think you are too old to learn anything new then do not waste your time, but on the other hand if your brain is still active and you want to earn some extra money, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Do not let it pass you by.

Here is the link again to learn from the experts how it is done.  I will be on board taking in as much as I can and I would love for you to join me.

Attraction Marketing Summit

You will learn

How to Attract  Quality Customers on a daily basis.

How to build your own brand and sphere of influence

How to sign up others to support you as you grow your business. 

You will be able to

Build Your Audience > Engage with Your Audience > Sell to Your Audience.

‘Attraction Marketing’ is the future of Network Marketing. 

You will hear from 40 Summit Speakers include Top 10 income earners in network marketing companies, prospecting & recruiting experts, the best home business professionals & online marketers, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, 6- 7- and 8-Figure Earners who ALL leverage the internet, and ‘Attraction Marketing’ pioneers who changed the industry forever…

Are you ready?

  I am registered to learn as much as I can from these people, will you join me today?

If you want to know how to start a small business online then this is for you

Here is the chance you have been waiting for, don’t miss it, register today by clicking on the link below.

Attraction Marketing Summit

I will look forward to joining with you at the Summit.

Please take a moment to leave me with your thoughts about the information I have provided on this page. I really appreciate your feedback.

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    • Gomer Magtibay
    • December 2, 2017

    Being a former member of the site you’re inviting us to attend summit with, I can say it’s worth attending. They offer huge value for your money and time, and you will return home empowered with marketing ideas that can really help you succeed.

    Applying the teachings from Wealthy Affiliate, then combine it with whatever value you will get from the summit, you have in yourself power to achieve greatness in the home business industry.

    Nice choice of companies, Freisia. Keep it up! 🙂

      • admin
      • December 2, 2017

      Thank you for your comment Gomer. The summit is a virtual one so anyone can attend by registering online, which makes it a lot more user friendly because some of us do not have the opportunity to travel large distances to attend such events.  I am looking forward to being part of it. I joined WA in July this year and I am finding it a wonderful training program and business foundation but I do think it needs to work with other businesses such as MLSP to fully implement and build upon all the tools available in WA. 

  1. Reply

    Hey Judy,

    I remember when I started my online business 9+ years ago. There is a lot to learn and Wealthy Affiliate was an excellent place to start. Back in the day, it wasn’t what it is now. The strategies were drastically different. Meaning, that you used to focus on articles marketing, using Squidoo, etc. Now, you focus on writing content, sharing your content on social media, put videos up, and constantly updating your website.

    It’s great how you can host your websites with Wealthy Affiliate now. They do support up to 25 websites. I flip websites so being able to host multiple websites is very valuable for me. I always have a ton of projects going on at once.

    However, I do have a question for you? Is there anything you believe should be added or removed with Wealthy Affiliate?

      • admin
      • December 2, 2017

      Garen, thank you for commenting on my site. You are well seasoned in internet marketing and have obviously had a deal of experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I have found WA to be absolutely fantastic.I have learnt so much in a short amount of time, and I am continuing to learn. I also have multiple websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate and I really cannot think of anything that I would have added to it. WA is unique as it is, meeting a real need and equipping all its participants to be successful in their respective businesses. I am a staunch advocate of Wealthy Affiliate and see it as the main structure or building to house my business. Other programs are like the furniture and internal components which enhance the functionality and improve and complement the business. The only thing I would possibly remove is the potential to be blocked from commenting if your percentage of approved comments goes below 75% I think you should have the opportunity to modify the comment if it is not approved. I really think that we should be able to be honest in our comments other wise what is the point?

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