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MLSP is a product that is making big waves in internet marketing. In this post I plan to take a brief look inside MLSP and evaluate its legitimacy or otherwise.

I first came across MLSP 12 months ago and signed up to do the course. I was looking for the best ways to make an income online and came across both MLSP and Wealthy Affiliate almost simultaneously. Foolishly I signed u for both and threw myself into the work confronting me from both programs.

It did not take me long to realize that Wealthy Affiliate was the program I would have to pour most of my time and energy into because I soon realized how little knowledge I had of building an online business.

Consequently MLSP was put on the back burner, although I continued to pay the membership. . This does not mean I though MLSP was a scam it simply means I found the teaching in Wealthy Affiliate best to give me a good grounding in developing my own skills. Therefore, I would suggest that for anyone starting out with limited skills and knowledge Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to be.

I have previously done a review of Wealthy Affiliate so in this post I will aim to review just MLSP and give you some pros and cons of the program.

History of MLSP


A young guy, named Brian Fanale who was struggling to make it in online marketing co- developed and authored the MLSP program. He is still the CEO after 11 years and he oozes enthusiasm for what it has grown into.

Unfortunately he has an irritating voice and it can be very off-putting, but if you can get past that you will be impressed by his infectious attitude and wealth of knowledge which he is generous about sharing.

The program was strategically designed for internet marketers,home business operators, bloggers and affiliate marketers to be able to reach and engage with more potential customers.

The system has seen many people rise through the ranks to become 6 and 7 figure earners. Many of these have become leaders within the growing enterprise.

Two of these who I have personally been following are Todd and Lea Rae . Todd and Lea only joined 2 years ago and have become very successful in their own right and both contribute extensively to the training offered in MLSP.

Some of the Benefits of MLSP

It gives you all the tools and training to:

  1. market and brand yourself
  2. generate leads
  3. drive traffic from multiple sources to any business.
  4. engage with and grow your social media networks
  5. a community of like minded people to engage with.
  6. constant updates to the training
  7. loads of already done for you lead magnets and capture pages.
  8. a range of free giveaway material to attract customers.
  9. comprehensive training on how to use all the material within MLSP.

How to Use MLSP to Grow Your Business:

Once you register with MLSP you need to be prepared to work through copious amounts of mainly video training.

There is so much material that it can be a little overwhelming and you could be forgiven for getting lost in it all.

That was my problem, it was too much too soon. To get the most out of MLSP you really need to have a business up and running first. That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best place to learn how to build your first website and get it set up as a professional online business.

Having done that MLSP will be very beneficial in teaching you to promote your business through attraction marketing. They dislike and discourage spamming You will be encouraged to reach out to people in your network and offer them something of value to grow their business network. They also teach you how to grow and leverage your network on social media.

Some of the video presentations are long, taking up to 2 hours so you need to be able to set aside time when there will be no distractions or take notes, remember where you are up to and come back to it.

What Does MLSP Cost?

You can get a taste of MLSP for as little as $10 dollars but then after 10 days you will be hit with a monthly bill of $49 – $300 per month for the basic plan.

There are many upgrades and add-ons that can blow the cost out but I would think you would wait till you have proven its usefulness to you before lashing out further. Start making it pay for itself before spending more on upgrades.


MLSP is a legitimate and workable program but best suited to those who have already built a business and want to grow it exponentially.

Wealthy Affiliate is the very best platform I have come across to build a strong foundation for multiple businesses.

MLSP will take those businesses to the next level.

Some links you might find helpful:

Brian Fanale Co founder and CEO of MLSP      https://blog.myleadsystempro.com/author/brianfanale

Todd and Leah Rae:           https://bit.ly/2kzRLeF

Wealthy Affiliate:              https://bit.ly/2qqRMaL

My recommendation if you do not yet have an online business is to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate then when you are confident in managing your site, compliment it with MLSP.

If you have found this post helpful I would really appreciate your feedback so please leave a comment below. 




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