How to Build A Website For Free

Step 1. Find  a Hosting Platform.

Let me recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  With Wealthy Affiliate you can host 2 websites for free or you can pay a small monthly fee and have up to 50 sites hosted with WA.  Once you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate you can also learn all the tricks of the trade and get loads of ongoing support from both administration and the WA community.

This Link will get you started with a free website, you can choose to go premium later on when you have tried out the free option and worked out if it suits you before you commit to paying any money.

                                       Wealthy Affiliate

Once you have joined up with Wealthy Affilliate you will find a 10 lesson course which will teach you all you need to know. Work through the lessons and complete all the tasks. You can be building your website as you go and apply what you learn.

Step 2.  Choose a Name for your site:

It is good to choose a domain name which will reflect the nature of your business. For instance if you want to build a website about cats it would make sense to include either the word cat or feline in the domain name.

When you go to register a domain name you will need to pay a yearly fee of around $15 . Make a list of names which you think will embrace your topic or niche best and apply to use them. It is always best to try and get a .com rather than a .org or .net  name.  For instance you might want to build a website about ow to train a cat.

For a domain name I checked inside the WA domain set up and I found is not available but is.

So I suggest you make a list of possibilities that would best suit your target audience and try each one till you get one that is available and still reflects your purpose. Don’t forget to go for a .com if you can.

Step 3.  Begin to Build Your Free Website:

Once you have decided on and paid for a domain name you simply ask WA to create the site for you. It will then push the name to a Word Press site where you will be able to create content to make your site interesting to your target audience.

It will look something like this  





Now you will need to choose a theme for your site. There are many different themes to choose from so take your time and find something that you really like. You will be able to customize it to suit your style later.

Now go to the dashboard and move your cursor down to pages. Click on that and it will show you a sample page which says Hello World!

You don’t want that page, it is simply an example, so underneath it click on trash and it will be gone.Now under pages hit Add New. This is where you start building your own page.

Start with an About Me page so that your audience can get to know you. Share about your interest in the main topic for your website so that they will feel confident in your authority to speak on the topic. Add a picture of yourself that way people will know you are a genuine real person they can relate to.

To add a photo of yourself or for any other purpose go to the image icon at the top    .

It will ask if you want to upload an image, you then push browse and it will take you to images on your computer. Choose the one you want, select it and it will be uploaded for you to insert into your page.


Step 4. Planning to Monetize Your Site?

If you plan to monetize your site you will need a disclaimer page and a privacy policy. These are both explained within your Wealthy Affiliate  training .They even have a template for you to copy, you just need to insert your website name wherever they have a generic name. To do this just push the cursor over your site name, then press control C, that will copy the name. Next place it over the generic name and press control V, that will paste your site name into the template.

You may want to add some affiliate links to enable people to buy products from your website.  Please ensure these are in keeping with your overall theme.  If your focus is cats you don’t need anything about dogs. To do this you may want to sign up with Amazon or another company which will allow you to promote their products on your website and they will pay you a commission.  They will give you an affiliate id. As you choose the product you want to sell on your site they will give you some code with your id embedded in it. Copy and paste the code into your site.

When pasting code you need to be in the html part of the page building area. Sometimes it is hard to locate where you want t to go but I find it easy if I make a space in the visual format

Step 5. Pages or Posts and Growing your Website

Whether to use a page or a post is your next decision. I like the information that I want to be permanently fixed to be a page and the articles where I will be adding to on a regular basis to be posts. You can treat them both the same way once inside . You can also choose whether you want posts or pages to be in your main menu. We will come to that next. I like them both to be in the main menu until I have a reasonable amount of material on my site. Then I will separate them and have the  pages on the main menu and the posts on a side menu. If your website is to be a blog you can leave them all as posts except for your About me, your affiliate disclaimer and privacy policy pages.

Step 6.  Building a Menu.

Go to Appearance on your website menu. Under this you will see a submenu which says Menu. Click on this and you will be able to select which pages or posts you want in your menu. If you want a sub menu simply push the menu item to the right of and underneath the main heading . When you have finished selecting the pages and posts you want in your menu and ordered them how you want them to appear on your site press the Save Menu button.

You can go back at anytime to change how your menu appears. I like to put all my posts and pages on the same menu until  I have enough material to have two menus, one for pages and one for posts.

The last thing you need to do is get traffic to your website. Without traffic you have no business no matter how attractive your web site is. ; If you want to know more about getting traffic to your website go to   Jobes Place


Build Your Free Website Here.

This video was produced by KHuffman67 and published on YouTube

If you found anything helpful on this page I would really love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below.


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