Ten Tips for Successful Blogging

Ten Tips for Successful Blogging

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Blogging can be a fun and easy way to earn money online. The keys to successful blogging are outlined below .

If you enjoy writing and can express your ideas with relative ease you will find blogging to be an exciting new way to record your knowledge and earn an income from it. You can make a blog site for free by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate, see the  link at the bottom of this  page.

1. Choose Your Niche

To become an authority in any area, you need to be focused on a particular niche. Try to be specific, don’t try to be a master of a wide area but rather hone in on one aspect and tease it out until you have exhausted all possible aspects of that niche. For example if your passion is tennis you should explore all aspects of tennis and do not try to cover other sports in your blog. Remember tennis is your field of expertise. You can begin by making a list of all the topics you could discuss under the heading of tennis, such as game rules, scoring, choosing a racket, the best type of clothing to wear, the best shoes for the game, different tennis surfaces for playing on. history of tennis, each idea you come up with will be the basis for a post on your blog.

2. Writing Quality Content

Your work needs to be readable and engaging. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  • Writing in an easy to understand way. You want to keep your readers interest so do not bore them with waffle but rather write as if you are talking to them over a coffee. If you are truly passionate about your chosen niche then you will be able to talk freely about it in a language and style which your readers will warm to.
  • Keep your paragraphs small. Long wordy paragraphs will have your readers skipping over large chunks of your writing and not really getting the most from it. Think of it as a conversation, if you were chatting to someone over coffee you would not ramble on for long periods without giving them time. Short paragraphs allow the reader to take in and take a breath.
  • Choose a font that is clear and readable, also be careful with the color of your font especially if you are writing over a picture. If you have trouble reading it so will they. Test different fonts and colors till you have the most readable and easy on the eyes.

4. Choose Catchy Headlines to Grab Attention

The head lines will be in bolder print and a larger size and peoples eyes will be drawn to them first. They work like magnets grabbing your readers attention. Now that have their attention you are right to develop their interest further with more quality content to give them a better understanding of your niche subject.

5. Be Consistent:

Now that have engaged your audience they will look forward to reading the next installment. You can wet their appetite by giving some clues as to what t will be about as you finish the previous blog post. They may want to sign up to your blog so they do not miss an installment. If you promise your reader a weekly post then give them a weekly post or you will risk losing loyal followers. Your readers will develop a trust in you and will want to share your content. This will grow your readership and lead to better opportunities to earn from your blog.

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6. Engage Other Experts in your field of Interest.

For instance if you are writing about tennis you may be able to get some well-known high profile players to contribute an article to your blog. If your content thus far is of a high quality ad your layout and pictures are engaging you will have no trouble getting contributions from some high profile people. The other advantage of doing this is that they will have a strong following and so you can ask them to share the post with their followers which in turn will grow your own following.

Seek out other bloggers with similar interests to write a guest article for your site and you could offer your expertise to write for others. This way you will again grow your audience and increase your credibility. It will also increase your chance of being recognized as an authority in your field.

7 Maintain a high Level of Integrity and Honesty

Building trust is important. Remember your audience want to believe in you as an authority within the field you are blogging about. Ensure your content is accurate and honest. People will soon discern the fact that you have not researched or got your facts right if you fail to pay attention to the validity of your content. Check and double check any claims you make.

8. Keep updating Your work.

You are the expert here and if new technologies or techniques are being developed you need to up date your content to reflect the fact that you are right up there with it. Be aware of changes in the industry and share them as they arise. If you realize over time that you have made a mistake in an earlier blog, do not be afraid to admit it to your readers and clarify the point.

9. Be Professional.

The language you use and your grammar are important aspects of your writing. Avoid aggressive or ugly language and allow your readers to draw their own opinions from your writing without pushing your strong controversial ideas on them. They are keen to know what your opinions are but you must leave room for them o shape their own thoughts and ideas. Be engaging by seeking feed back and ask them to leave comments.

10. Use Social Media Regularly.

Social Media


Each time you update your blog, share it on at least one social media platform such as Face book or Twitter. Build a relationship with y

our social media followers and develop that relationship over time. Do not be always selling to your audience but rather offer them quality information they are eager to know. Give as much as you can without expecting a return and it will pay for you in the end as you will develop a strong following and Google will recognize that with improved rankings.

Once you have a strong  can start to monetize your site with appropriate product advertisements.

Enjoy your work and enjoy sharing it.


Thank you for reading my post

If you would like to ask a question or leave a comment please scroll down to the bottom of the page. I just love  hearing from my readers because you can add valuable content just by leaving something there and it is really appreciated.

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    • Weston
    • January 1, 2018

    Great tips for blogging. I agree, blogging can be really fun and a somewhat easy way to earn money online. I’ve been blogging since March and really enjoy it. I love to write and research, so blogging is something I have a lot of fun with in my spare time. It does take a lot of time and work, but it’s still fun.

    The tips you gave cover everything a person needs to know to get started with their own blog. It’s so important for people to know what all blogging involves. I feel like many people run from it because of how much writing it requires. But, when you really enjoy your niche, blogging isn’t that bad.

    How long have you been blogging?

    Thank you for the helpful tips.


      • admin
      • January 1, 2018

      Thank you Weston for your comments.  I have been blogging now for a number of years making a little extra income from Google adsense.  I have always enjoyed writing my thoughts and feelings about all kinds of issues. It is a kind of therapy for me. I love sharing my experiences and thoughts and I like to read others too. We can learn so much from each other. 

      Happy blogging and happy New Year.

    • lynnsamuelson
    • March 16, 2018

    You offer some great suggestions for bloggers. One of them stood out as something I ought to be doing but haven’t yet and that’s engaging top bloggers in my niche. I guess I’m not sure of exactly how to go about doing that plus maybe the fear of rejection. Another thing I still struggle with is sharing on social media. At one point, I was paying someone to do it for me but it got pricy and didn’t seem to be paying for itself. I have about 4,300 followers on FB and around 1,600 on Instagram which is fairly new to me. Any opinions about which platforms are best for social sharing?

      • admin
      • March 16, 2018

      Thank you for your comments Lynn. I think your FB following is awesome and you should have no fear of posting some personal stories about your blogging on there. To promote your blog on FB you need to have a page dedicated to your blog and you can then do your paid advertising with that and keep your home page personal. Your friends do not want to be spammed with ads, they want personal engagement.  Your instagram following is amazing too. I have not really got into instagram as much as I need too. 

      On inviting other people to comment on your blog, you only have to ask and yes they can say no but maybe they will be honored to do it for you. 

      All the best with your blogging.

    • angelce903
    • March 19, 2018


    I like your tips for successful blogging! It’s true that the most important things are dedication from the bloggers, but also their focus on helping their audience and be helpful to them. Moreover, I would also add that you must be persistent to be successful and not looking at your revenue at the beginning. Thanks for your post!

      • admin
      • March 20, 2018

      Thank you for commenting Angel. You are right , its not a good idea to focus on the money but rather on quality content.  You want your readers to keep coming back. I find it difficult to keep up with fresh cotent but I know it is what I must do.

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