Unlocking and Using Social Media: Social Media Advertising

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Unlocking Social Media is essential to any online business.

Like it or not we need social media.

But are you confused?

Which ones to use, where to use hashtags, who to follow and who will follow you back? 

On this post I am going t try to unlock some of the secrets of social media. I am exploring this as much for me as for anyone who reads my post  Why?  The reason is simply that we need social media to make our business visible in the market place and social media is the market place.

I am going to take a look at each of the more powerful social media platforms and unlock the potential they each have to help us make our businesses appealing to the millions of people who are on them.

1 Twitter:

Twitter is all about tweeting,

At least that is what they call posting a comment, message, video, picture or gif on your twitter timeline. If your tweet resonates with other they might respond to it by commenting, liking and or retweeting.

Post links on your Twitter timeline

Twitter will automatically use their own shortening tool so it is preferred that you do not use outside shortening tools.

Choose to follow people

Choose people who share similar interests or who write tweets that resonate with you. When you choose to follow someone they will usually follow you back. If they do not after a week or two then its time to unfollow

Embed a tweet.

In the right hand upper corner of each tweet there is a downward arrow  V   Click on that and a drop down menu will appear. Scroll down to embed then copy and paste the code.

Share your tweet,

If you find a tweet which is pertinent to one of your contacts you can share it privately byhitting the little envelope icon and insert the name of the person you want to forward it to. You can also add an extra note of your own.

Placing a Twitter Icon on your website.

This can be done by adding a social media plug in or you can go to   Open the drop down menu and choose the type of icon you want, copy the code and place in  your webste using the html option.  See mine below this section.

Using Hashtags 

Hashtags are like connectors  bringing together people with similar interests. If you want to alert people interested in your niche then precede your keyword with a hashtag. You can also click on other hashtags that interest you and a series of tweets on that topic will come up.

Popular tweets become trends

You can specifically follow trends you are interested in by following others with the same hashtag.

2  Facebook:

Once you have signed up with a Facebook account you can find and connect with friends by checking via the search bar . Facebook will also suggets friends to connect to by giving you a list of people with the same contacts.

For this post I am going to assume you already have a Facebook account and a list of friends and now you want to use it to generate leads to your website. The following tips will be helpful.

Write your profile to reflect your personality and be genuine and honest.  Read the profiles of other people on Facebook who have a strong following to get an understanding of how to write your own profile. Update your profile when significant changes take place. or whenever you have something worth sharing.

Build a Following

  • Post Quality Content  One of the most important goals should be, as with Twitter, to build your following . This means you need to post quality content consistently and regularly. Irt must be content people will respond to and preferably share.
  • Be Positive There is enough negativity and gossp in the world, do not use any part of your Facebook page to engage in this. . People like encouraging and stimulating or funny stories, not tragedies and gossip.
  • Do not Spam   Constantly posting articles  just to push your brand are a real turn off and will only lead to you being ignored or unfriended.
  • Interact with your friends by responding to their posts which resonate with you. Remember this is a social media platform and that means social interaction.
  • Build a strong following by connecting with people you know.

Marketing on Facebook:

If you have a business you wish to promote on Facebook it is important to develop a page for that business.

This will help you share your brand or product wth Facebook users. People will like the pages that interest them and if you have already built a good followig you can ask some of them to like and share your new page.

You can create a page for a business, a brand, an organization, some local entertainment or a community group you belong to.

Use your Facebook page to share news and updates relevant to your page or industry.

This will help build an awareness of your brand or business and you can then use it to send people to your blog or web page.

Facebook has a wizard to help you create your page, you need to choose what type of page best suits your business and follow throgh the prompts and instructions to complet your page.

You will be asked to give a description of your business and prove that you are authorised to develop the page. You can add your website URL so that people who visit can go to your web page.

Now that your page is set up and ready to go Facebook will show you how to modify and enhance your pages and use the different functions. You will need to include some admin details such as address, contact details and URL.

Upload a cover Photo just as you did for your personal profile and add then add  a call to action button which will either send people to your website or puchase a product directly from your Facebook page. .

Do not post your personal information on your business page and vice versa, do not use your personal profile page to post business posts. This is the quickest way to lose friends.

Begin by posting some information posts which will help people know what your page is about.  As people like these you can build a following of people who like your page.

Now you can start to use your Business page to

  1. Know your customers, identify your target market. engage with them, know whatt they want.
  2. Draw them to your website with a lead magnet, this may be a free gift or E Book.
  3. Design a targeted Facebook advertisement to meet the needs of your customers.
  4. Redirect them to your business or blog page or your sales page where you will have information of the products you are wanting to promote using a sign up page. This is your funnel to build a list of customers for future reference.
  5. Engage again in a sales transaction that satisfies your customers needs.








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    • Snow
    • May 19, 2018

    Hi. Love this post.

    I never knew what a hashtag was, I just thought people used hashtags in an attempt to be cool lol.
    Do hashtags help to build your following on twitter?

    Is it better to have a Facebook business page or just use a personal page that has been built around your business?

    Thanks for this article. Very insightful

      • admin
      • May 20, 2018

      Thank you for your comment Snow. 

      Activity on Twitter helps to build your following. If you post things that resonate with your audience others will see it and may choose to follow you. It is also good to follow people who share similar interests and they will usually follow you back.

      On Facebook we do not use hashtags and it is better to keep business and personal separate. Your personal friends do not want to feel spammed.  When you promote your business page target people who have similar interests. 

      Have fun.


    • John
    • May 24, 2018

    Okay This is really informative. I know social media could help Grow businesses but not to this extent and I never knew the power of hash tags. Hash tags are what I use for fun just to add to my captions especially on my instagram .thanks for the article and also thanks for showing me indepth information .

      • admin
      • May 25, 2018

      Thank you John. I hope you found it a little helpful. I am finding Twitter to be the best social media for me.  I will write about others soon.

    • R.J.
    • May 28, 2018

    Hey Freisia, I like your post. Wealthy Affiliate the best known website to start a business on the entire internet, I love how everyone cannot stop talking about Wealthy Affiliate.
    Incidentally, I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to join WA but after doing the research, I couldn’t wait to join.
    Your post is spot on about everything and I want to also let you know that you made a good choice with Wealthy Affiliate especially utilitizing the power of social media to get people’s attention.
    I have one question, how exactly does it take to make sales through FB advertising and I thought that people couldn’t advertise on FB; what’s up with that?

      • admin
      • May 30, 2018

      Thank you RJ  Wealthy Affiliate is certainly worthwhile and the amount you learn is un matched by any other for the money you pay. 

      Making money on FB is not that easy until you have a strong following and you have built up a strong following. However you can use paid and targeted advertising to get some good leverage and sales. I am finding Twitter more effective now. 

    • Furkan
    • May 28, 2018

    I also agree that promoting business on facebook can really help. My friend has seen an increase in site authority after one of his pages was shared a lot on facebook.
    My niche is about sports and I really wonder which platform is the best for me? Since I really don’t want to lose any time while promoting my business.

      • admin
      • May 30, 2018

      Thank you Furkan for your comment. I believe Twitter would be good to get some free exposure for your site. 

      Use the hash tag for sports and connect with other people in the same niche. Build up a good following without scamming them . I will send you a link which will give you some very good tips to help leverage Twitter.  

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