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What are Keywords?

What are Keywords?

Before starting online I had never heard about keywords, now its like they are around every corner, on every billboard and in every piece of writing. So what are they? Every time someone searches for something on the internet they enter a group of words in the Search bar. These are keywords. Not everyone will use the same words to search for the same thing but there will be some phrases which will appear more frequently. We need to be finding keywords in our niche which a lot of people are using but preferably those which have the least competing websites.

For instance if I want a recipe for a really nice easy to make cheesecake.

I might type in the words easy cheesecake recipes

or tasty cheesecake recipes that are easy to make

It is important to note that we are not after masses of traffic to our website but rather the targeted traffic, people that are genuinely searching for what we have to offer. 

Why Do I Need to Worry About Keywords?

Keywords are like bait on a fishing line. With the right bait for the situation you will catch plenty of fish.

Likewise, Keywords are very important for every website because they drive targeted web traffic to your business Just like choosing the right bait will catch a good quantity of fish so too will using the right keywords attract a large number of visitors to your website well, and skyrocket your business to sales success online.

It is important to put a lot of thought into choosing your keywords so that you can be guaranteed a steady flow of traffic. That in turn will mean a steady flow of income.

Keywords will make the framework or foundation of your blog article or post. Have a brainstorming session and try to make as many keywords as you can then go back and check their competition and number of average searches. Once you are satisfied you have some winning keywords ensure you incorporate them into your post.

Are There Any Tools To Help Find Winning Keywords?

There are some very good tools for finding winning keywords. You do not have to do all the figuring out yourself because some very clever computer algorithms will do it for you. Some of them are free and others you may have to pay for.

Let’s go back to those words I wanted to search for earlier.

The first tool I will use is Google Adwords. Go to

Enter your search words and Voila. You will have some results.

Now take a look at another tool using the same search words. This is from Wordtracker see

I find Wordtracker unfriendly and not as easy to use but it is worth doing a comparison.

Here is a screenshot of my search in Wordtracker

It does come up with lots of other suggestions which you can try to build on. However, there are more tools to try which will save you a lot of time.

Here is my favorite Keyword Search Tool : Jaaxy

Jaaxy is the most user-friendly and the most comprehensive tool I have found. It offers so many other options besides the keyword search tool.

You can brainstorm, see how you keywords are ranking on Google, save lists of keywords and get correlating suggestions

Here is a snapshot of my search in Jaaxy

Please take time to examine each of these and see which suits you best.

Tell Me The Best Tool To Used To Find Keywords:

The keyword suggestion website to use in my opinion is Jaaxy and if you read on I will explain why. Apart from being very easy to use and also very affordable for the benefits you get Jaaxy offers some extremely useful attributes. I will explain each one here so that you can understand why I think Jaaxy is a cut above the rest. If you want to find the best keywords Jaaxy is a must have tool.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why

  1. With this tool you can put in the web address of your site and the keywords you have chosen to focus on. Then in just a few moments Jaaxy will scan the web and return you feedback on where you rank on each of the major search engines. You can use that information to revisit your site and tweak your keywords. You can also schedule it to repeat the search on a regular basis.
  2. This is an awesome tool because it allows you to save a list of keywords you have chosen through your research so that you don’t have to go looking over and over again as you write more articles, they are all saved under the niche heading you give it in Jaaxy. You can then just go to your list and choose from there to write another post.
  3. We do need to know what our competition is and Jaaxys search analysis tool enables us to get a good picture of how much competition we face. This one gives you the number of websites using that exact same keyword that you would be up against. It is one of the main criteria I use in choosing my keywords.
  4. I love this tool because it gives you a range of variables within your niche that you can work on in other posts. It also includes a brainstorming feature and the ability to add the words you choose to a list to access later. This is indeed the best keyword suggestion website on the internet.
  5. The brainstorm tool has been mentioned earlier but it is such a fantastic element of Jaaxy that it is worth giving it extra time because it saves you so much time searching for ideas. Once you have the list you can use it to write fresh content that fits with your niche.
  6. This is a tool I have not really taken advantage of but I intend to now having looked at it again. . It provides a great way to be able to monetize your site as it directs you to affiliate programs which you can earn commission from within that niche. It also gives you the Alexa rank and the product website details. This is absolutely awesome.
  7. This is an invaluable document of keyword niche ideas to really get you going on your journey towards making money online by cutting it with the best keywords to get you noticed and ranking highly on Google. This is only available to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members so giving you yet another very good reason to be a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate.

Apart from the reasons above there is more information available within the Wealthy Affiliate program to help you with keyword research. For instance:
Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 2 : Lesson 4 of 10  Creating Reviews and Using Targeted Keywords

There are also the video tutorials by Jay. These are held regularly as live webinars but they are all kept on the platform for access by members at any time.

What is covered in the video?

Watch Now

My Conclusion on Keywords:

Keywords make it possible for people to find you on the internet.

Keywords define what your site is about

Keywords are integral to your search engine optimization.

Choosing good keywords will boost your ranking on search engines.

Keywords form the foundation of your website. You need to start with keyword research.

 Jaaxy is the very best keyword research tool available and it is the most user-friendly.

You can use Jaaxy within the Wealthy Affiliate program but it is worth upgrading to premium as you have a much broader range of options.

Click the link below to get Jaaxy Premium:


If you are not yet a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate I would suggest if you are serious about growing your business online that you get the Premium membership there too.

Here is a link to Wealthy Affiliate;

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Wealthy Affiliate :to Build a Solid Online Business

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    Keywords are at the heart of this line of work. Without it, there is no good indexing or rankings which spells no traffic which = no business. Jaaxy is a great tool to use to get the best keywords ever, so for those who are searching for a good keyword tool jaaxy is the key.

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      • February 18, 2019

      Thank you for your positive response Norman. Jaaxy certainly is an awesome tool. I use it daily.

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    This is a very good post you have given all of the reasons for using keywords. You’ve given the reasons you believe Jaaxy is the best keyword tool. I’m inclined to agree with you. Excellent job Keep up the good work. I wish you all the best. Robert

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      Thank you for your comment Robert, Keyywords are the key to success.

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    Thanks for sharing your post. I never realised how important keywords actually were until I discovered jaaxy. It certainly gets addictive knowing there are keywords out there with very low competition but also searched by a lot of people. I discovered keywords that you wouldnt even think of which was great for my website.

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      Thank you for your comment.I use Jaaxy every time I write a post. It is the number 1 most essential too for SEO.

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