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You can work from anywhere!

You can work from anywhere





Working online is such a liberating way to earn.

But why?

  • You can travel the world and work as you go.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  All you need is a lap top and an internet connection. Most places around the world have excellent internet service now. With an online business you can visit all those places on your bucket list,and as you go take pictures, keep a diary and write a blog about your travels.
  • Build a website using Wealthy Affiliate and fill it daily with updates of your travels. Share them on Social media, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest .
  • Engage with the people who interact or like your posts and build a list of followers.  At the end of your journey you could produce an ebook about your travels and use it as a give away to attract new visitors or sell it to monetize your site. You can also sell all those wonderful pictures  your have taken while travelling.


You can spend more time with your family and friends. 

  • You don’t have to be running out the door when the kids are about to go off to school. Instead you can eat breakfast with them, walk to school with them and then come home to where you feel most comfortable and work on your online business.
  • Work for a couple of hours before lunch, enjoy a lunch break with your partner and in the afternoon you could go shopping together or play a game of golf with a mate.
  • Your time is yours to organize as it suits. Pick up the kids from school and take them to the beach or watch them play in their sporting events. If you need to work some more on your business then take an hour or two after the kids go to bed. You might like to take a look at one of my other websites Families Have Fun 


You save time and money on travel. 

 Traveling to a work place every day can be a daily grind especially in heavy peak hour traffic. It can cost you a great deal in lost time and the cost of running a car or public transport is another consideration.             

Why would you choose to spend a couple of hours in this each day when you could work your own hours from home without needing to go out into that slow moving frustrating line of peak hour traffic? I know which I would prefer to be doing. It may be the best way to save our planet if we have less people burning fossil fuels on our roads. Pollution is an ever increasing problem in cities all around the world.


You save on clothing and associated apparel. 

That’s right,  if you are working from home you need fewer clothes in your wardrobe. You need only a few dressy outfits ad the rest can e casual which you can wear over and over and it really does not matter. You can go to work in your track suit if you feel like it. You do not need more than one handbag nor do you need shoes to match every outfit. You simply need some comfortable footwear and clothing that you can feel at ease in all day. Watch the recent documentary on ABC TV by Craig Reucasse as he tackles this ever growing problem. You can help by working from home.

You can build a business that you are passionate about.

When you are working in your own business you are working for yourself, there is no boss, and no staff to worry about. What you earn is yours. You do not have to be concerned with issues such as occupational health and safety in the workplace or dis satisfaction among staff, or any of the other work place issues..

A quote from Zig Ziggler:

“It’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you use that makes a difference.”

Use your imagination, build on what you know be committed and disciplined but above all be happy and enjoy you life and work.

If you think working from home is for you then I would really recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a starting point

Wealthy Affiliate will give you all the tools and resources you could possibly need to build a strong online presence and profitable business.  Just hit on the link below to sign up for free membership and then you can be on your way. Do not quit your day job until you are up and running as it will take time to build a new business from scratch but you will be rewarded in the end.

Like I said at the beginning, “you can work from anywhere.”


         WealthyAffiliate, the best online business training for anyone




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